Posted by: Dorothy Arthur | November 6, 2008

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  1. I would like to pruchase your book, would you please let me know the price in Canadian $$$ please. I noticed there were a lot of Gamble’s mentioned in the book, I am looking for a William Gamble and his wife Helen Ann Brown, could be Ellen or Eleanor not sure
    thank you

  2. The easiest way to purchase the book is directly through the web site.Go into the icon -Buy Book – and follow instructions. If you have any probs let me know and I can covert it into Canadian dollars.

  3. Dorothy – – -Are you related to the Arthur clan that married into the Telfords? If so we are related. Gavin Arthur married Jane Campbell and had at least three children. Also – my maiden name is Pinkerton and we have been told that our Pinkerton clan possibly came from Northern Ireland but there is no proof yet. I am very interested in your book and I live in the USA in the state of Arizona. I am trying to convert the money into american dollars to buy the book. Barbara

  4. You don’t to convert the dollars – just go directly to the buy book section and you can give your credit card and it will be done for you.
    I have masses of info on Pinkertons and when people buy my book I am happy to provide more info that isn’t in the book.
    If I put everything I knew into my book it would have been double the size and weight!

  5. hi dorothy
    i have been given this link by christine bailey who said to contact you with regards to my ancestors who came from toberbilly which i believe to be in ramoan antrim i am back to james conner who married mary jane maccay in toberbilly on 23rd june 1846 james’s father was robert and mary jane’s was archibald other than that dont really know anything else christine said that you have many photographs and things and may be able to help


  6. Hi Isobel, Although my books at the present were from Ballymoney – I am now writing a new one on Derrykeighan Old Churchyard. I have researched many families in this area and will look into your Toberbilly one. Email me on

  7. Do you have a book on Dunluce Graveyard? I’m very interested as my Watters are buried in that Cemetery, I’m also hoping the Thompson’s and McKeown’s are buried there.

  8. I don’t have a book yet on Old Dunluce but I do have a list of inscriptions and notes on many of the families. Dorothy
    email at

  9. Hi Dorothy,
    I am trying to find the decendants of Daniel McGowan & Maria Campbell of Toberbilly Farm. My good friend, also Daniel ( Watson) McGowan was one of his grandsons. “My” Dan’s father was also named Daniel, the third son.
    Daniel Watson McGowan died a few weeks ago in his 94th year with his two “best girls by his side. Honey McGowan, a 12 1/2 year old golden retreiver , the third dog in a long line of wonderful companions. I was also with Dan when he quiet went to sleep and stopped breathing.
    He had contracted several superbugs in the hospital & had pneumonia. They told me at the hospital that he was not safe at home, even with significant 24/7 caregivers. Its really hard to get good workers around here.
    As an Executor, per our local British Columbia Canada Law, I am obligated to make an effort to contact the family even though DWM had a Will. Neither DWM, nor his siblings had any children and DWM was the last of his line.
    I tried to buy your book but had trouble with Amazon UK. I am happy to buy your book or pay for your time. I have a lovely picture from Sheila McMillan, nee McGowan in Australia showing all the kids in front of Toberbilly Farm with widow Maria, before the children dispersed. I also have formal pictures of whom I believe to be Daniel & Maria. I have contact for the “Toberbilly Farm”B&B son or grandson of Daniel & Maria’s daughter, Catherine Richmond. Its not The old house but it looks a bit like it.
    Margaret Thompson, nee McGowan settled in
    Killeaughts. Sarah Cusack nee McGowan settled in Ballery Armoy. Charlotte McGowan emmigrated to NYC and sadly died in a car crash.
    Toberbilly farm was left to John Campbell. The Second son, James received another farm, Turnagrove, Amroy. I assume, nearby. Third so, Daniel Got a trade as a carpenter or builder. He first moved to San Francisco & was married in Sacramento to Eliza Jane Watson 1880 – 1971. She was know as Jenny & thats what’s on her marker. Somewhere, I have their marriage certificate. I think it may say where she was from & her legal name. I think Dan may have said that they met in California. She was a nurse a couple of years older. They soon emigrated again, this time to Cloverdale, now a part of Surrey, BC next to Vancouver. He had a small operating farm but, according to Dan, 1883 – 1976 also worked as a builder of fine homes and barns. Some are still standing and are heritage buildings will special protection. They had two sons and two daughters. I actually do not know what Albert (Bert) did for work. I know that he liked to hunt. He had had diabetes. Fortunately his mother was a nurse & diagnosed him at a young age. His wife was named Harriet. No details on her. I think that she was also a nurse like her mother in law.
    Next, I think was Katherine 1919-1991, a spinster who I believed was a secretary or clerk. She lived with her brother, Dan after her mother died. Catherine was very tall & slender. Another sister. Dorothy died in her teens, perhaps from Scarlet Fever. Her marker is missing from her tombstone.
    Address and other contact details – especially emails from any known Decendants of Daniel & Maria would be appreciated.

  10. I can help you with the McGowan family. Email me at
    Best wishes, Dorothy

  11. Dear Dorothy,
    I have just found you after a few years of unfruitful looking for my great,great grandfather, and hope you can help. My great grandfather Alexander Galbraith was born in Ballymoney,probably in or about February 1822,as recorded on army records and his death certificate. He entered the army in 1841 at 19, after being a linen weaver in or near Ballymoney, and after a 21 year stint was delisted in 1862 and spent the rest of his life in County Cavan where he married twice and had many children. On his marriage certificates his father’s name is John
    and the only John we have found that MAY be him, is a John Galbraith dying in Ballymoney in 1875,aged 93, therefore born c.1782.( this father John was recorded as a farmer on his son Alexander’s marriage certificate in 1862, and a school teacher on the second marriage certificate in 1877.) We have found a James Galbraith which COULD be his son,b,1818 ( and therefore Alexander’s brother)where the mother is recorded as Jane, and also several other deaths from which we have calculated the birth date, where the father is recorded as John (Betty,1816;William,1820;Jane 1822;Elizabeth,1831; John,1827;James, 1830.Margaret, 1834;MaryJane, 1834—of course some will be Galbraith’s by marriage (Jane, Elizabeth and Margaret), and probably not all will be sibs We are now at a standstill and wonder if you can help. We are willing to pay for any searches you may make on our behalf, and, although I live in Melbourne Australia, I have a sterling bank account.
    I will just add that I have been trying to use your Email address and have now been told that although I use the correct address the email will not send,I thought you should be made aware of this.
    We are excited and holding our breath that you may be able to help us!
    Best wishes,
    Jill Mack
    Melbourne AUSTRALIA

  12. I will email you with the information I have and costings. Dorothy

  13. Hi. Do you research family trees. Many thanks

  14. Yes – I do research and specialise in North Antrim and Derry.
    contact me at if interested.

  15. Greetings from Vancouver, Canada. I hope to visit the family of my dear fried Daniel Watson McGowan who passed away just shy of two years ago at 93 1/2 years of age. His father, also Daniel was born at Toberbilly Farm. I have a picture of the old farmhouse which I understand was dismantled. I also heard that someone related perhaps was running a B & B called Toberbilly Farm near to the old home place. Would you be able to put mein touch with the Proprietors? Thank you kindly.
    My name is Robin McNamara.

  16. Do you have plans to transcribe burials in the Ballintoy Churchyard? My 4x great grandfather John McAuley/McCauley, 1711-1791, is buried beside the Ballintoy Church. His wife was Margaret Crane(I think) but don’t know where she was buried. Is any one else looking for the McAuley family in Antrim, Ontario, Canada (my line), Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia or the USA? If so, I would like to hear from you.
    Maureen Clarke. Email:

  17. I am currently working on Ballintoy Parish Churchyard.I will check my records and get back to you. Do have anymore info on John McAuley as there are many McAuley families in the area. Dorothy

  18. Thank you for your message, I believe it was sent to wrong person. However I’m always interested in surnnames of Thompson & McKeown. (various spellings). If you run across these I’m very interested.
    Thanks again. Ginny Thompson

  19. Can you be more precise as I have these names in my database. Email me at with more precise dates and locations. Dorothy

  20. I am also researching Thompson amnd mcgowan in search of my father who is a thompson and his mother a mcgowan if any one can help. My dad lived in london and was a skipper in great yarmouth in the 1970’s 07547799966 or facebook angie-sherry hicks xx

  21. Can you give me some other information other than two surnames?

  22. Hi Dorothy
    I just received your book about DerryKeighan Old Church Graveyard. A great book and reference source. I’m so glad I ordered it. I’m descended from John McFall the son of Daniel McFall and Rose Mathews whose names are on page 44. William Mathews McFall was my grandfather’s name. Unfortunately, I’ve been unable to source Rose’s name in any records. I’m wondering if you found it on a marriage record or other document. I’d like to source it correctly and not just rely on unsourced family trees given to me. Any help or direction you can provide would be much appreciated.
    There are many other of my distant relatives mentioned in.your book. I still have relatives near Bushmills. I live in Canada.

  23. Hi Diane, I have replied to you query via your email address. Dorothy

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