Posted by: Dorothy Arthur | November 6, 2008

Map of Ballymoney Old Church Graveyard

Below is a copy of the map which I used in writing this book:


  1. Could you please tell me how, how much and where I might obtain a copy of your book?

    I live in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

    Thank you, Marian

  2. The book costs £25 plus £7 p&p.
    I will email from my other address

  3. Hi Dorothy. No-one ever got back to me after we had emailed each other, so I would like to purchase your book, my stepson is a Tweed, who’s family lives in Ballymoney. How you are doing well.
    Regards Pat.

  4. Hi Pat,
    If you purchase the book I will send all the info I have to you on Tweeds etc.
    You should find the book interesting as so many of the local families ae interconnected to each other.

  5. Have just started researching my family and they came from Ballymoney and Garryduff. Names are Fleming, Moore, Calderwood and Holliday. Would love to purchase this book if any of these family members were buried there. Thinking of coming to research during the October festival and hope to have more information gathered from family by then. Thank you for your time.

  6. Hi Donna,
    I have 200 Moores, 60 Hallidays, 30 Calderwoods and 35 Flemings in my database of local families in and around Ballymoney.
    If you buy the book and send me your family queries I can definitely help you with your research.
    I can recommend coming to the conference in October as there are workshops, graveyard tours and lots of local people who can help you with your queries.
    I will be there speaking about the Old Churchyard and doing a tour of it.
    Just speaking to local people who are interested in local history and families can prove to be more useful than spending a week in a research office.
    Email me on
    I know that I will be able to help!

  7. Interested in Gamble/Brown/Haggarty/McFadden/Wilson familes. If I purchase the book do you have additional information on these family lines. The most I can go back is William Gamble who married an Eleanor Brown, had several children born in Ireland (believed to be in Ballymoney) then the family moved to Quebec Cda area abt 1825 or so. What would the cost of the book be and shipping to USA?
    This is an amazing book you have put together and many generations from all over the world Thank you for your dedication and research! I certainly do.

    I am also following a Gillespie line, Bernard born in Ireland but do not see any of that name mentioned in the book.
    Thank you,
    Dee Winters

  8. cameron family help ballymoney around 1800-1841
    possible Robert cameron

  9. There were two families of Camerons in Ballymoney in the early 1800’s who came from Scotland in the early 1700’s and another family who came from the Dunboe area in Co. Londonderry who settled in Leitrim just outside Ballymoney.
    Can you be more specific about your Camerons?
    I am related to the Ballymoney Camerons
    You can also email me at

  10. Hi i am researching my mcfaul/mcfall/mcfaull family line of ballymoney and bushmills areas does this surname appear in your book at all please? thankyou jackie nee mcfaull

  11. I don’t have McFall/McFaul in my book but I do have a large amount of info on this family around Bushmills and I am happy to do research. Email me directly on if you would like me to help

  12. hello dorothy i have read your book and would like to know if you could tell me about a unmarked grave name mc vicker as this could be my mum passed in may this year and is buried in section D grave number 33 and i thought her brother patsy mc vicker was buried here Would it be possible for you to find out for me as i would appreciate it ……what i know is he was just a child when he passed in 1935..and he lived in balnamore. many thanks ann

  13. Hello, I am looking for information regarding my mother’s family. Her mother, Louisa Moore died on October 22, 1916 was buried in New Cemetery. My mother’s father died on October 12th, 1954 and I don’t know where the grave is. However I have a picture of a grave sitewith the names Moore and Wilson and since Wilson was the married name of one of my aunts, I think it might be the one. The number 204 lists last both names. Please let me know if you have information that may help me.
    Thanks, Lois

  14. Hi Lois,
    Do you mean St. Patrick’s Churchyard or Knock Road cemetery – both can be referred as the New Cemetery?
    Email me at dorothy@ballymoney with more family info and I will see if I can help you.

  15. Hi do you have many keers around the area ie in your book please? thankyou

  16. Hi Jackie,
    There is a family tree with the Keers and Gerrow family trees. When people buy my book – I send the info in more detail.

  17. Dorothy, the McLaughlins, Lyons and Knoxs in this cemetery are undoubtedly in my family tree. I would love to purchase your book and really any books that you may have written or know about that could shed some more light on this background. We have been at a complete standstill for many years.

    Thank you very much,
    Brian McLaughlin, Daytona Beach, Florida, USA

  18. Hi Brian,
    Thanks for the book order. Let me know a bit abt your family and I will try and send you everything I have on your family in detail.

  19. Hi Brian, You can buy my books directly through my web site. When you purchase them – I send you detailed family info.

  20. Hi i came across your website very interesting.Would you be able to give information the Boyd Families that are in the cemetry?These hopefully are my great,great,greataunties,uncles.
    Many Thanks

  21. Can you be more specific as there are several Boyd families in the churchyard. The main two are Boyds of Fortown and Boyds of Ballywindland but there are 33 graves with references to Boyds.
    Which branch are you interested in?

  22. Hi Dorothy my name is Cindy Rowbottom I’m trying to do my families genealogy, my father’s family is from Armoy, Ballymoney, County Antrim Ireland and I believe my grandfather and great uncles are buried in Kilbraughts cemetery, their names are Samuel Greg McClure, Daniel McClure and Albert McClure my understanding is they are buried beside each other, if you can give me anything I would appreciate it or guide me where to go from here would be great, thanking you in advance for any help. Cindy

  23. I do have quite a lot of information on Kilraughts graveyard and McClure families. I will email you soon.

  24. Hello Dorothy, I recently visited N.I. and found my great grandmother’s grave, Mary Ann Orr, she was buried with her son Harold Victor William Orr, in the Church of Ireland graveyard. Does your book cover this church graveyard? I have not been able to locate Charles William, Mary Ann’s husband and was wondering if you have any Orr’s in your book. There is also a great great grandfather and mother William and Elizabeth Orr who I would love to find their resting place they lived in 4 in Ballinamore Town (Seacon) in the 1901 census, Mary Ann and Charles lived 30 in Ballinacree Skein (Seacon). I would appreciate knowing if these families appear in your book also McBride (Mary Ann’s maiden name), and Agnew (Elizabeth’s maiden name), have come to a stand still with my early searching. William died 31st March 1906, Elizabeth 1st Jan 1917, and their son Charles William 11th Dec 1943. Many thanks Jane

  25. Hi Jane,
    I have quite a bit of info into your family which I found while researching the St. Patrick’s Parish Churchyard book. I will look out my notes and send them to you.

  26. Hi Dorothy, Thank you so much for your quick reply, that is great news about the information you have on my family, I would really appreciate anything that would help me extend my search. I would also like to get your book but do not know which one would have more detail for me the Old Church Graveyard or St Patrick’s I did find Great Grandmother’s grave in St Patrick’s so maybe you could tell me which would have more detail on the Orr’s, Mcbride and Agnew. There was also a nephew William Rafferty who lived with my GG Gran and Grandfather, he is with them in both census and died 9 Dec 1939, he lived Balnamore and was a private postman. I look forward to hearing from you with details about the book purchase. Thanks again Jane

  27. Hello Dorothy,
    I am told by Erick P Conard who posted on on Sept. 4, 2004, that there is a James Dinsmore (not Dunsmore or Dinsmoor) and Jane Corry who are buried in the “Presbyterian Cemetery in Ballymoney” and that they originally lived in Ballywattick.

    Could you confirm if you have this James Dinsmore and Jane Corry in Old Ballymoney Cemetery? I’m not sure if Old Ballymoney Cemetery is the same as the Presbyterian Cemetery in Ballymoney… Specifically, I’m looking for their birth/death dates, what their headstones say, and who they might be related to.

    Rebecca Curtis, Braintree, MA

  28. I am fairly certain that James Dinsmore is buried in the Ballymoney Old Church graveyard. In my book there are three visible Dinsmore headstones of Andrew, Samuel and William, all of Ballywattick. There are photos and family trees of these Dinsmores in the book. There are also Curry graves – Corry is an old spelling. There is an old Curry grave very close to the Dinsmore graves.

  29. Will be in the Balleymoney area next week and am looking for Stephenson graves. Any suggestions?

  30. i am researching my family who came from the Ballmoney/Dervock area in County Antrim, the names are McALEESE; McFADYEN; ‘McDONNELL/McDONALD.
    I have only just come across this page and also wonder about your book and what it would cost to send to Australia?

  31. I do have quite a bit of information on these names. The costs of my books can be found on this website and via Amazon. lEmail me with you query and I will try and help. Dorothy

  32. I live in the US. I am member of Amazon prime, but not UK Amazon and they seem t be different. How can I purchase your books. I am in search of Edwards before 1800.

  33. I have had other people purchase from overseas without any problems. If you are still having difficulties let me know and I will contact Amazon. Dorothy

  34. I have just come across your website, congratulations on a great job. I hope you can answer a query. While researching the name Menzies In Scotland,working backwards through the Census, the name changes with variations of Munace / Munice/ Muniss, with a William having supposedly been born Ballymoney around 1826. Are you able to advise if this surname appears in your graveyard records, possibly a Samuel, James and or Ann?

  35. The spelling of the Munnis/ Menice/ Miniss name varies a lot in the area but haven’t seen in spelled Menzies. I do have quite a few Samuel, William and Johns Menice. They attended 1st Ballymoney Presbyterin Church but I am not certain where they are buried. Can you give me more details.

  36. Many thanks for your prompt reply. The only information I have is that a Samuel Menzies(Munace/Munis/Muniss) and wife Jane Barr had Robert, born abt 1826 County Antrim and William born abt 1824 Ballymoney. Robert married a Sarah Bor(e)land, whose mother was Jane Bor(e)land, no fathers name known at this stage.
    Thank you again,

  37. Sorry I have been busy. I have searched through my records with no luck. If you do find out more information please get in touch again. Dorothy

  38. Thank you once again for searching, and your reply.

  39. Hello,
    I am trying to find my husband’s family William Black who we have traced back to Ballymoney and he never came to America but all of his children did and we are looking for the cemetery he might be buried at. Do you think you might have any information on him?
    Thank you
    Mary Mosier

  40. I need more information on dates, location and other possible members of the family to be able to help. Dorothy

  41. William Black was born 1730 and died 4 Feb. 1834. He married Margaret Wiley in 1759. She was born in 1744 and died Nov 1836. They had 4 children…William Black II born in 1761, John Black born 1762, Robert Black born 1764, and Samuel Black born 1766. I hope this helps.
    Thank you,
    Mary Mosier

  42. Do you know where they lived. There was a Black family at Glenstall outside Ballymoney. Dorothy

  43. My Wiley/Wylie family came from Loughgall/Richill/Kildarton/ Armagh.
    They were CI, and Methodists.
    Would like to know where to locate graveyards for them.

  44. Sorry – My Wylie/Wiley research is all based in N. Antrim. I have no information on families in the Armagh area. Dorothy

  45. Hello my name is Margaret from Australia. I am trying to find some information on my grandmother. Harriet Agnes Gault née Rankin. Born in Derrykeighan and lived in Bushmiils when married. My grandfather was James. I hope someone can help.
    Thank you.

  46. I might be able to help. Email me at

  47. Hi, I am researching McKeeman & Tweed family around Ballymoney area, I believe Daniel & Esther McKeeman were buried in Knock Rd cemetery. Could you help and guide me in the right direction. I believe you have a book? Thanks Stewart

  48. Can you email me at and I will see if I can help. Dorothy

  49. Hello Dorothy –
    I just purchased your book on the old Ballymoney graveyard. My primary areas of interest are Boyd of Ballywindelland, McCloy of Tamlaght also Crilly,Griffiths, and Rainey of Kilrea

  50. Hello Dorothy,
    Thank you for writing such a useful book. Would you be able to tell me if a John Lynn (Linn) was buried in the old Ballymoney graveyard? Died between 1845 and 1851? I have been looking for my 3rd great grandfather for a very long time, but doing so from the U.S. is difficult. The other names that I have interest in are Marion Taylor Scott, Archibald Scott, Church and Rankin.

    All the Best!

  51. Hi Dorothy. My gg grandmother Caroline Stephenson b about 1837 came to Australia from Antrim in 1857. I see this information from the passenger list on the ship Bee.
    Her father was Robert and her mother was Susan Magee, according to Carolines marriage certificate.
    I see you have Stephensons and Magees in your grave lists. Robert was a farmer.
    I am wondering whether you may have information on these two families and of course then your books may be worth purchasing?
    I live in New Zealand.
    Sue Galbraith

  52. Hi Dorothy.My Dad (Hugh McLean)was born in Ballymoney 100 years ago (07 Jul 1917) the son of Daniel McLean(1881-1954 & Margaret Hamill 1879-1921)Daniel’s father was Robert McLean, & his mother Esther Carmichael. Margaret’s parents were Hugh Hamill & Margaret Shaw. Daniel & family were in the Finvoy area when my Dad was born (“Grey’s Farm) & some relatives are buried in the Finvoy Presbyterian Cemetery. My Dad’s oldest brother was also “Hugh McLean”( !905-1915) His other brothers were Robert,William, Daniel ,(all 3 of whom also immigrated to Ontario, Canada., between the late 30’s & 1957 (when “we” came) Alexander, & John. His 2 sisters were Margaret b. 1915 (married Robert Elder “from the Plains”) & Kathleen, b. 1919 (Married Sam Blair). I do have other information, but have not been able to find the marriage of Robert McLean & Esther Carmichael……or been able to trace the family back to the Isle of Mull were they “reportably” came from. Is this family in your book? I am on Ancestry (KathleenWells83) & my tree “Wells Family Tree” is “public”. One of my cousins who still lives in Ballymoney area ,(related through my Aunt “Maggie” Margaret ‘McLean” Elder ) had his DNA done last year. He is the only other person I know with any of this “McLean” tree. BTW, my Dad married Eileen Robinson of Formby, Lancashire ,England in 1945 (in Ballymoney)……meeting her while stationed near her home after Dunkirk.(1940) He was with the “Irish Fusiliers”. Thank you for your time!, Kathleen Irene

  53. Can you email me at
    I have found the marriage of Robert McLean and Esther Carmichael.
    Best wishes, Dorothy

  54. To Sue Galbraith – you would need to a little more specific about dates and names. Stephenson and Magee names have many variations of spellings which can make it more difficult to research. Dorothy

  55. Hi Dorothy. First thanks so much for replying. I appreciate your time. The names are Robert Stephenson…..his daughter Caroline b 1835 – 1837 signed her name Stephenson on her marriage certificate. Caroline’s mother (Roberts wife) was Susan Magee. I know that there seems to be a multitude of Magee and Stephenson spellings. I have no dates for Robert and Susan I can only presume they were of the general Mother and Father age for that era. Robert perhaps born 1810 give or take a few years and the same or a little later for Susan. Carolines father Robert was a farmer according to her marriage certificate. On the passenger list of Bee Caroline is written as coming from Antrim and on her marriage printout it says that she was born in Belfast Ireland. I hope this is helpful. Regards Sue

    On Fri, Aug 25, 2017 at 8:36 PM, Ballymoney Graveyards and North Antrim Research wrote:

    > Dorothy Arthur commented: “To Sue Galbraith – you would need to a little > more specific about dates and names. Stephenson and Magee names have many > variations of spellings which can make it more difficult to research. > Dorothy” >

  56. Hi Dorothy

    Have you come across the surnames Trowlan/Trowland/Troland/Trolland/Trollin/Trollen/Trollan in your researching? I’m looking for information on my great grandparents John Trowlan (or variants) married to Sarah Marshall. My grandfather was William Trolland born Dec 1887. last known address was Castlequarter, Lavin. I have traced a marriage between John Trowlan and Sarah Marshall in Newtoncrommelin but not sure if these are my great grandparents or not. John lists his fathers name as Archibald trowlan and Sarah lists her fathers name as William Marshall. the witnesses to this marriage were Alexander Marshall and Eliza Marshall. I have a trolland family tree from a Ken Trolland but we are not sure where my great grandparents fit into this tree. Any guidance would be much appreciated.

  57. Hi do you have any Keers/kiers/kears in your books please

    Thank you

  58. Hello Dorothy. Have you ever seen a “Culbertson Row” mentioned in Ballygan Upper or Lower? I have a reference that says a Culbertson settled “at Ballygan, near Ballymoney” between 1665-1687 (from Scotland). Thank you for your time, and this site!

  59. Looking for information on Haggerty, Campbell and McCurdy family history. Thank – you

  60. Hi Lois, I missed this old post – apologies. Were the families you mentioned from the Ballymoney area of North Antrim. If so please get in touch at

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