Posted by: Dorothy Arthur | August 26, 2014

Kilraughts Old Churchyard


This is my fourth in my series of books on the old graveyards in North Antrim. Kilraughts is different from the others as it is not close to any village or town. It is unique in that most of the burials are Presbyterians or Reformed Presbyterians. The burials are also not only from the Kilraughts area but also Loughguile, Stranocum and some townlands around Ballymoney.

I have restricted the information of the family trees but fuller details are available on request.

The graveyard is still open for burials and is maintained by Ballymoney Borough Council.

I have also added at the end of the book names and locations of older families buried in Kilraughts 1st Presbyterian Churchyard and Kilraughts Reformed Presbyterian Churchyard. I can provide more information on these families.

No map of the churchyard was found and one doesn’t appear to ever have existed. As with Derrykeighan Old Churchyard, Bill Simpson has produced an accurate scale map. I have divided the map into sections for easier reading with a reference to each gravestone. However some of the positions of individual graves may not be exact.

For my research I have used church records and other local sources. S. Alexander Blair, the local historian, has produced several books on the history of the area. My book is based on the genealogy of the local families.

Sources used for my book

1660-1669 Hearth Money Rolls

1740 Protestant Householders’ Returns

1766 Religious Census

1803 Agricultural Census

1830-5, 1837-8 Ordnance Survey Memoirs of Ireland: Parishes of County Antrim V, Vol. 16

1831 Tithe Applotment Book

1901 and 1911 Census of County Antrim

McClay transcription of the churchyards of Old Kilraughts, Kilraughts 1st Presbyterian and Kilraughts Reformed Presbyterian.

Kilraughts : A Kirk and its People : S. Alexander Blair


  1. Thanks Dorothy..this will be invaluable ,as are your previous books.

  2. Dorothy
    I want to purchase this book, but when I click the link, it takes me to your other three publications, not this one.
    Sharon Brennan

  3. The book has now been placed on Amazon but if you live in the UK it is cheaper to send me a UK cheque directly.

  4. Thanks Dorothy. I received my copy a couple days ago. It’s a treasure.

    I am stilling digging into the past of my Clyde – Millar family.

  5. Dorothy,
    I am researching the Wilson and MacAyeal families from Antrim Co., saw a post about you are your graveyard book from Ballymoney. My great grandfather’s brother David Wilson married Hannah MacAyeal in Pittsburgh, PA. David’s father was James Wilson. Do you have any knowledge of the two families, and two, I’d love to purchase your book.
    Sincerely yours,
    Lynn Wilson Stola

  6. Yes – I have information on Wilson and McAyeal family burials in my Ballymoney Old Graveyard book. Email me at on price and methods of payment.
    What date did your ancestors marry – so I can sort out generations. Dorothy

  7. Dorothy,
    Sorry I did not see your response to my inquiry until this morning. That is exciting news. David was born August, 1850, Co. Antrim. Hannah born April 1856. David immigrated in 1873, and Hannah earlier, in 1859. David and Hannah were married in Pittsburg, PA on March 27, 1878. In the 1870 census for Greensburg, Westmoreland Twn, a 15 year old Hannah is living with Thomas McAyeal, age 40, farmer, wife Anna, and siblings Sarah and John. The next house to them is John McAyeal, 88 a retired farmer from Ireland, Nancy McAyeal, Keeps House. In the 1880 census from Pittsburgh, Hannah was living with her brother Andrew McAyeal, 52, laborer, wife Eliza, 52, son, Andrew Jr., Hannah, 21, sister married, David Wilson,26, brother in law, and James Wilson,24, single no job. I think their ages are wrong there, and I think that James Wilson has to be David’s brother. There was a James Wilson, age 48, who fell into a furnace and died on Dec. 24, 1899, widow listed as living with David and Hannah in the 1890 census. My great grandfather was John Wilson, who was born Oct1863. John and James listed James Wilson as their father. I am trying to figure out if David’s father was a James also, and if all three are related. Our family thinks that the parents were James and Ellen, (Eagleson), and there were two daughters, Ellen (Nellie) and Mary as well.
    The James Wilson my mother thought was their father listed 1843 as his birthdate, which makes him too young to have David and James. But not too young for my gg. On the death certificate for James, he listed James and Margaret as his parents. On my gg’s death certificate, they listed James father, mother unknown.
    It all gets very confusing! 🙂 Does this information help? Thanks, Lynn I can”t wait to purchase your book! Lynn

  8. Dorothy,
    How can I get a copy?! I’m trying to fill in the blanks on my family history and genealogy. McMillan, McClure, Tweed, Arthur…

    Margaret Tufts

  9. Just email me at and I will give you prices. Regards, Dorothy

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