Armoy St. Patrick’s Church of Ireland Churchyard

This is my fifth book in a series of North Antrim graveyard research.

The graveyard has been mapped, the graves named and numbered, a transcription has been provided of each grave where possible, a short family tree and some further family information.

This graveyard is different from previous publications as it contains many old Roman Catholic burials as well as Presbyterian and Church of Ireland

Gravestone names are -Adams, Anderson, Barry, Bartlett, Beers, Bell, Black, Blair, Boyd, Boyle, Breakey, Cambel, Campbell, Carey, Clark(e), Christie, Cole, Connolly, Connor, Craig, Daley, Darragh, Daragh, Dean, D’Evelyn, Dobbin, Donahy, Donnelly, Dougherty, Dunlop(e), Elliott, Fairies, Ferguson, Ferris, Fletcher, Frazer, Fulton, Gamble, Gibson, Hana, Hannagh, Hartin, Hazlett, Hickinson, Hill, Huey, Hughes, Human remains, Hunter, Jameson, Jamieson, Johnston, Kane, Kennedy, Kerr, Kirkpatrick, Lamont , Lamond, Lochan, Loughan, MacHargy, McAl(l)ister, McAmbrose, McArthur, McAteer, McBride, McCaroy, McCaughan, McCaughin, McCay, McCawley, McClelland, McCloy, McCollum,McCollam, McCook(e), McCormick, McCrelis, McCrory, McCurdy, McDonel, McElhaton, McElvar, McGarry, McGoogan, McGowan, McGuigan, McGugiean, McGuinness, McKay, McLain, McLaughlin, McLernon, McLgor, McMullan, McNeill, Mooney, Moore, Morrison, Murphy, Murray, Neill, Nevin, Rankin, Redman,Redmond, Rodment, Rose, Rouke, Ryder, Russell, Smith, Smyth, Spence, Spratt, Stewart, Stone cross, Stuart, Steuart, Swan, Taylor, Thom, Thomson, Unknown, Unreadable, White, Wilson, Wylde, Wynne

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