North Antrim Family Research

I am prepared to carry out research on families of North Antrim for an initial fee of £15 and then £20 per hour thereafter.

When a book is purchased, I send full details of my research on a particular name.

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  1. I am wondering if there are any Houstons buried in Ballymoney. Family history states there might be, but I see none on your list. They were Presbyterians who settled in Rockbridge co. Virginia (old – Augusta co, VA). We do not go by the spelling Huston.

  2. There are no Houstons/Hustons in Ballymoney Old Churchyard or St. Patrick’s Parish Churchyard but I do have some information about other local Houston/Huston families especially from around Kilraughts

  3. Dorothy,

    My 3rd great grandfather, Hugh McConaghy, was born about 1780 in Antrim County. His house was located on Craigatempin Road in Ballymoney. My dad and I saw the house during our visit to Ireland a couple of years ago. Our time was limited, so we spent more time in Dervock, where Hugh’s son moved. We live in the United States.

    I copied Dervock Presbyterian church records for Hugh’s son, James David Maconachie and descendents, but could not locate records for Hugh and his wife, Elizabeth Magee and their ancestors. I believe they probably were buried in Ballymoney. Do the records that you have show where they are buried?

    My mother went by the name of McConaghie.


  4. I need some more details to search for your relations. Can you email me at with as much as you know. McConaghie has many spelling variations and it is a very common name in the N. Antrim area. I have a lot of info on many of these familes.

  5. Lizzie Henry – Henry 17th June 1924, was born out of wedlock to Lizzie Henry
    What date of birth do you have for Lizzie Henry? Was she married at the time?
    I am searching for a Lizzie Henry.

  6. You will have to be a bit more specific re where Lizzie lived, what church she attended and whether she had siblings. Email me at

  7. My great grandfather appears as a farm servent for Emma S and Thomas B. Milliken living at 22 Ballymoney Islandmagee and I am curious about the family can you provide any information?

  8. There may be a townland near Islandmagee called Ballymoney. The Ballymoney where I have done my research is in North Antrim. Islandmagee is closer to Belfast.

  9. My Family line traces back through President Chester A Arthur. Is Arthur Cottage in the area

  10. i am interested in john arrell (d. 5 nov 1864 obit in colraine chronicle) of burnside, ballynamoney, ballymoney, county antrim. can not find where he is buried. his father in law was william harrison, can not find anything on him either.
    made trip to PRONI in jun/jul 2009 but with no success except the one obit entry in the colraine chronicle. thank you for your assistance. barbara parkinson, toronto, canada

  11. Sorry – I have nothing on him apart from 2 baptisms of his children in Ballymoney Unitarian Church.

  12. Wondering if there were any Darraghs in the Parish.

  13. Hi! My great grandmother, Rubina Rodgers ( married name Ruby Bortle in the USA ) was born September 29th, 1900. She came to America in 1921. We recently found letters from her cousin, Miss Martha Rodgers whose address is/was “Rose Cottage” Garryduff 23 Burnquarter Road Ballymoney, Co. Antrim. North Ireland BT 53. We do not know much about my great-grandmother’s family and life in Ireland. The letters mention cousins and other family members and references locations which seems my great-grandmother was from the same area or close by. If there is any information you may have, my grandmother and I along with my family would greatly appreciate any insight you may have.

    Thank You!
    Kelly =)

  14. Hi Kelly,
    Email me on with what you know and don’t know and I will see if I can help.

  15. Have you ever thought of writing a book on the old Dunluce churchyard cemetery (St. Cuthberts) in Dunluce Parish south of Dunluce Castle? Has one been done? I’m particularly interested in the two John McDuffees buried there and Matthew McDuffee . I should mention that McDuffee and McAfee are interchangeable in Co. Antrim and Scotland. My McAfee/McDuffee(s) lived around Ballymagarry and the West Park area. My 4th great grandfather, John McAfee (or McDuffee), came from Scotland with a William McQuigg both as young men probably around or before 1794 and probably from Islay, Co. Argyll, Scotland. The McQuiggs lived at Islandcarragh in Co. Antrim. John McAfee (or McDuffee) probably born abt. 1730 – 1760 in Scotland and died after 1800 in Dunluce Parish. He was a farmer and Presbyterian said to have descended from Scots Covenanters. William McQuigg died in 1797, aged 67 years. John McAfee (or McDuffee)’s son, was William McAfee (or McDuffee) born abt. 1777 who married Margaret “Martha” Taggart in 1802 in Co. Antrim. They left Co. Antrim in 1838 for Dalton, Wayne County, Ohio, USA on the ship “St. Andrew”. John McAfee’s wife is unknown. William McAfee & Margaret “Martha’s” children are:
    Samuel McAfee who married Grace Stinson
    Sarah McAfee who married John McQuigg
    James McAfee who married Rachel Dinsmore
    John McAfee who married Ellen Dunlap
    William McAfee Jr. who married Rebecca Swigart in Ohio.
    Mathew McAfee who married Margaret McElhinney in Ohio.
    Robert McAfee who never married.
    Martha Jane McAfee who married David Orr in Ohio.
    (all of these children emigrated to Ohio)

    William McAfee Sr. sold his land to Hugh Rankin in 1838 at Ballymagarry.

    Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth McDuffee of Bushmills who died the
    22nd Jany 1822 aged 13 years. Also her sister Margaret who died the 28th
    July 1827 aged 23 years and their father John McDuffee died 3rd Febry
    1833 aged 74 years

    McDUFFEE very worn
    Here lieth the body of John (?) McDuffee late of Boneyclagh (?) who
    departed this life April y 18 (?) 1800 (?) aged ?. Also his ? mother?
    of? who departed?
    [“Here lieth the body of John McDuffee late of Boneyclassagh,
    who departed this life July 18th, 1808, aged ?45 y and his
    mother Jean McDuffee who departed this life 4th of Febry 1809 aged 76 years.”]

    In memory of the late Matthew McDuffee of Park who departed this life
    the 26th of April 1823 aged 63
    Sarah Rankin who died 17th Decr 1873 aged 85 years
    James Rankin who died 1st August 1893 aged 78 years

    I’m trying to figure out which John McDuffee’s are which in the cemetery along with Matthew McDuffee. I would guess that one of them is my 4th great grandfather and possibly the other one is his son. Matthew McDuffee may be a brother to John McDuffee my 4th great grandfather. These are only guesstimates. There are other McDuffees buried there “Archibald” and a few other McAfees which I think are from another McAfee line at Park. Archibald McDuffee I am not sure who he is linked to.

  16. dunluce church – st Cuthberts

  17. sorry that was meant to say I am also interested in the burials at dunluce church – st cuthberts.

  18. If you let me know what names you are looking for I will be able to let you know if I can help.

  19. I’m looking for Thompson’s and McKeown members of Dunluce Presbyterian Church., for period 1800-1856 or to 1864. Hannah Jane Thompson married William Watters in this church 1856 of which I have her record.Searching for John Thompson who married Jane McKeown and their children. If you don’t have this information I can go to another new source I’ve just located.

  20. I am looking for any information on the Fullerton family buried in the graveyards there or perhaps born in the are – specifically my Ancestor Alexander Fullerton or his niece Catherine Fullerton Downing or her sons David or George Alexander. I would verymuch appreciate any information . I am in Australia

  21. We are searching for Bratton from Ballymoney, Antrim. Also, my middle name is “Erskine”, as well as my uncle’s first name (Erskine Mitchell) from Alabama, USA. Could this be part of your family tree? It is an unusual name..

  22. Hi Paul, I haven’t come across any Brattons in the Ballymoney area and there are none that I know of connected to my Erskine family. Dorothy

  23. What do you know about our Fullerton ancestor? There are many Fullerton families in the area and there are gravestones in Ballymoney Old and Derrykeighan Old Churchyards.

  24. The “Buy Books” page appears to be blank–is it my computer or are the books no longer available? I’m looking for McLonans and McCormicks in this area. Specifically John McLonan md. to Catherine McCormick, daughter Ann is said to have been born 9 Apr 1844 in Ballymoney, (Dunloy), Antrim, Ireland according to family records. It appears they immigrated to the US shortly after Ann’s birth, but records of the family on this side of the pond have not been easily found. I would love to find the ancestry of this couple!

  25. Hello Dorothy,

    I am interested in buying your Derrykeighan book, but the ‘buy books’ link here does not work! i bought your Ballymoney Old Churchyard book a few years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it.

  26. Are there/do you have records of Catholic burials in Ballymoney? I couldn’t decipher from perusing this website.

    Thank you.

  27. I am looking for info on the McMichael – Quinn family (John McMichael married Mary Quinn) and son James, b around 1836. Are there school records available for Loughguile (someone mentioned above)? Also Catholic burial records in that area? I have contacted the RC church in Loughguile but have not heard back from them. I see that you have McMichael name on your list but not for the specific graveyards. Any thoughts would be great. Thank you!

  28. Dorothy,

    I am researching my Donnelly family that MAY have come from the Ballymoney area. My 2nd great grandfather was Laughlin or Loughlin Donnelly who married Catherine Molloy.

    There is a Laughlin Donnelly whose death, at age 69, was registered in Ballymoney 11 Apr 1866. He had been living at Maddydoo Upper. I have not yet been able to make a conclusive connection, but the timing of his death fits with the arrival in the US of my 2nd great grandmother and my great grandfather.

    Catherine Molloy Donnelly came to New York and died there 10 Sep 1879. My great grandfather, William L Donnelly was born in Ireland about 1852, arrived New York in 1870 and died in New Jersey 16 Mar 1932.

    Any suggestions welcome.

    Thanks in advance.

    Margaret Ann Donnelly

  29. Dorothy, I am interested in purchasing your book, but first would like to know if there are any of our family buried there. “Love” is the family name. I know that they were from Ballymoney and were Protestant. Could you tell me if there are any of that name buried in the Old cemetery? First names would have been William Love (1580-1645), Robert Love (1610-1684), John Love (1645-1724). Adam Love (1697) was born in Ballymoney, but died in the US. Also, I live in the US and was wondering how you prefer to have payment when dealing with out of country sales.

    Thank you so much in advance for the information.
    Judy Love

  30. There are some of this Love family in Ballymoney Old Churchyard. The Love family lived outside Ballymoney at Craigatempin before the branch which are buried in the Old Churchyard moved to Taghey.
    Books can be purchased through my web site.

  31. I am doing my friends genealogy and would love to buy her one of your books but I don’t know which one – her grandparents were Robert Wilson (b about 1873) married to Martha Anderson (1874) and lived from 1901 on in Stroan, Derrykeighan. Which book would they be included? 2 of your books show Wilson’s and Anderson’s

  32. Dorothy, I know that you are doing a new book. What is the name of your new book & when is it due to be finished?

  33. Hi Judy, Yes I am writing a book on Kilraughts Old Churchyard where there are three Love graves. It is due out in September at the same time as the Route Back Home genealogy conference from 24th to 28th September.

  34. Thanks Dorothy, I am really looking forward to buying your new book.

  35. Dorothy; I heard from you on Aug 27th re. William brady born 1720 ballymoney,wife Margaret Ferguson b;1721 d; 1790, had son alexander b;1744 mrd. Elizabeth Stephenson , all migrated Charleston SC. 1772 from Larne with Rev. Martins party. Please let me know if any info might be available or if I am barking up a dead tree? If any definitive history is available I would like to hire your services. William Brady

  36. Hi. We are “McLean”s from Ballymoney/ Ballymena area. Are our relatives in “your” cemetary. Daniel, Esther , Hugh, Robert , Daniel’s father, etc.??

  37. Hi Dorothy,

    I tried to e-mail you but it wouldn’t go through. I am interested in buying one or more of your books, but I would like to know if you have come across any information pertaining to my family.

    My grandfather was Stewart Young born in Ballymoney on June 9, 1903. His family immigrated to Canada in 1924. He died in Canada in 1954 when my Dad was only 4 years and as such we lost a lot of information about our ancestry.

    My grandfather’s parents were Stewart Young and Letitia (Eliza, Lizzie) Drain. Both Letitia and Stewart were born in Ballymoney but I can’t find birth records for them. They were born around 1868. They were married in the Parish of Finvoy on Nov 23 1893. Letitia died in Drumdarragh in 1906 after giving birth.

    Stewart had a brother named William, and his mother and father were Ann Jane (Neill) and John Young. Ann Jane was born around 1829 and I’m not sure when John was born, but he was listed as widowed when he and Ann Jane were married. They were married in the Parish of Rasharkin on September 4 1849. John must have died prior to 1901 as Ann Jane was listed as widowed in the census. Ann Jane was also alive for the 1911 census, so she died sometime after that.

    John Young’s father was Robert Young and Ann Jane’s father was Robert Neill.

    That is as far as I was able to get. Have you come across my family member in any of your research?

    Much obliged,


  38. Hi Dorothy,

    I’m looking for any McCunes who lived in or near Ballymoney from the mid-1600s to late 1700s, particularly those with the first names of Alexander, Robert, John and Isabel. I did find an Isabel McCune who married Alexander Flemine in 1700. Are any of these names in your books and, if so, which ones? Thanks!

  39. Hi Dorothy!

    My daughter and I will be visiting Ballymoney in August and plan to do research and visit family sites. We come from Archibald Rainey. We find him in the records but that’s as far back as we seem to be able to go. We have notes that our family farm was called Glennylou but the closest we can find in any searches is Glenlough (which could be a translation issue from the person who wrote the notes).

    We only have two days in Ballymoney and would appreciate any suggestions on the best places to go to do research and if you could help us map Archibald’s headstone, we’d love to visit him.

    If you think you’d have the ability to help us go back a bit further, we’d consider hiring you for a few hours of work prior to our arrival.

    Thank you.
    Tammy Pike
    Omaha, NE, USA

  40. go to the facebook page Dervock & District History

  41. Hello Dorothy

    I wonder if your books contain information on the Elders of Ballymoney, specifically Rev James of Finvoy (1757-1843) & Rev Matthew of Kilraughts (1767-1827)?

    I believe I am descended from Rev Matthew – my maternal grandmother was Adelaide Finlay Elder, and I think she was Matthews’ granddaughter, but I am having trouble proving it. Her father was Thomas Elder, and Rev Matthew’s son was Thomas Graham Elder, but are these two the same Thomas?

    Also, the relationship between James and Matthew is confused – some sources suggest they were cousins, others that they were half brothers. James’s father was John, I think, and Matthew’s father was also Matthew, so did they share a mother? Or were John and Matthew Snr brothers?

    Are you in a position to help me, please?
    Many thanks

  42. Hi Gail, I did quite a bit of research into Matthew Elder and his family for my book. email me

  43. Dorothy,

    Our family came from County Antrim. One mainline was from Balleyweeny–John Adams (1743-1847) who owned Chequer Hall. He was married to Elizabeth Boreland (1745-1820). His son John and other children I immigrated to the United States Canada and Australia. His daughter Jane married Rev. William John Stavely. The Stavely Family owned Checquer Hall for a time.

    We are planning a visit to Northern Ireland this summer at the end of July and would like to know if Chequer Hall is still in existence so we might drive by and see it. We do not know where they are buried but would like to try to find their place of burial whether it is a church in Balleyweeny/Balleymoney or on the grounds of Chequer Hall if there are any and if it exists.

    Could you advise on how I might proceed as to researching this before we start our journey. I understand you might have some books that may help but I am finding Google not much of a help except in finding you and some nice genealogy from two families.

    Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. Kathie Medlock

    If you can help, please let me know.

  44. I published a book in 2014 on Kilraughts Old Churchyard where Adams and Boreland families are buried. There are photographs of gravestones, inscriptions and family trees in my book. Email me at and I will try and help you with your research. Dorothy

  45. I am researching the Gray family from Ballymoney, I do not know the parish. My ancestors arrived in US in 1800. James, John, Thomas are favorite family given names as are Margaret and Eleanor. I have visited this city but had no idea where to look. PRONI has not been able to help. Thank you for any information. Marilyn

  46. Names in Kilraughts Old Church Graveyard Book includes Jones, and I’d like to know if they are my family before buying the book. Richard Jones was born in 1728 in Ballymoney, Ireland, the child of William and Margaret (Huston) Jones. He married Elizabeth Maloon in 1754 in Bristol, Maine. They had 12 children in 20 years. He died on December 17, 1792, in Bristol, Maine, USA at the age of 64. Can you offer any help? Thank you.

  47. Sorry I have not found any relevant information on a Jones family in the Ballymoney in the 1700s. The records for this period are almost non existant.

  48. To Marilyn re her Gray family. Again there is little information available in the 18th century. There are Gray families present but with without more details it is almost impossible to proceed. Dorothy

  49. I’m still looking for McLonans and McCormicks in this area. Specifically John McLonan md. to Catherine McCormick, daughter Ann is said to have been born 9 Apr 1844 in Ballymoney, (Dunloy), Antrim, Ireland according to family records. It appears they immigrated to the US shortly after Ann’s birth, but records of the family on this side of the pond have not been easily found. I would love to find the ancestry of this these names sound familiar to you at all?

  50. Thank you very much for your reply. I have conflicting information if they were from Antrim or Donegal. Anything available for Maloon or Huston families? Thank you again!

  51. To Denise – I have not come across the name Maloon in the area – chances are that is Malone. I have checked and I have nothing early on Hustons which might help. Sorry, Dorothy

  52. To Lara, McLonan has many spelling variations so can be tricky to research. Marriages were only recorded from 1845 although a few churches did have early records. I checked the ones in the Dunloy area and could find no McLonan/McCormick marriage. Dorothy

  53. Hello from Australia. My great great grandfather Constantine Dougherty (some decendants spelling it O’Doherty) came to Horsham, Victoria Australia. He is now known as one of the main pioneers of the district. Hestarted up the Wimmera Star newspaper, the Fire Brigade and was the first postman (pony express) in the area. I would love to know more about his father Constantine who married a Mary Ann and lived in Townhead Street, Ballymoney Dunluce Antrim and if the house they lived in still stands (if anyone knows….?) There were to be two more generations over here with the name Constantine.
    Regards to all over there,
    Loretta (nee Dougherty)

  54. Hello from Arizona, USA!
    I am researching 4+ surnames from Antrim & Down:
    – Ann Pollock (1824-1896), daughter of James Pollock (d 1878 Coleraine, Londonderry) married James Greer Mars (1816-1882) (Mars/Marrs probably from Antrim Gilford or Tullylish, Down). They moved to Johnstone, Renfrewshire, Scotland.
    – Thomas Thompson (b/b 1828 Aghagallon, Parish/District Aghalee, Antrim -d aft 1891) married Martha English (b/b 1826 Tullylish, Down-d1856 Johnstone) in 1849 Tullylish, Down. They moved to Johnstone too.
    Any direction/guidance would be appreciated and interested in your services.
    Thank you!
    Catherine (White) Gallagher

  55. Hello Dorothy, I am interested in finding what happened to one particular relative Robert Lamont. This gentleman and his wife seem to be a mystery compared to his son and his parents which I have information about. One thing I would like to know is where he is buried and if it is in Ballymoney where he was born and married. He was Presbyterian and lived in Balnamore when he had his son John….after that it’s a mystery what happened to him and his wife. Is there a graveyard in particular for Presbyterians around 1900. I pretty sure he was still alive around 1896. There are Lamont in every graveyard mentioned above so I’m not sure which book would be best to buy. Any information would be appreciated. Many thanks Camella

  56. There were lots of Lamont families living in the Ballymoney area in the 1800s and 1900s. Can you send me more details of robert and John so I can try and assist you. I can also be comtacted on

  57. Hello Dorothy Do you have any information in your books regarding a Hugh Hamilton born about 1833? Married Maria Lee from Craig’s in Balleymoney around 1856? He is a direct descendant and I am struggling to find any documents. Thank you in advance Claire

  58. Good Evening, I am looking for information prior to and including Walter Lilley the original immigrant was born about 1725/1730 in north Ireland, possibly Antrim, (based upon a biography of his grandson, Thomas Lilley, son of Thomas, brother of Samuel and Ellis). Walters wife, Mary Wollerton, born Abt.1735 in East Bradford, Chester Co., Pennsylvania; they were married Abt. 1755/65. Her parents: Charles Wollerton and Jane Chilcott. Walter died in 1812 in Chester County, Pennsylvania and was buried in Conewago, Pennsylvania. Mary died in 1822.

    I have yet to find his immigration information. I do not know if he came here with his parents, as a child or as an adult. Either way, he married Mary approx. 1755 and is documented on PA USA tax records as early as 1768

  59. Does anyone know any information about Daniel mckeeman married to Lilly Kane. He is buried in the billy parish cemetery? Thanks

  60. Hi Emma McKeeman, I am also researching McKeeman’s from Island of Carnmoon, they were all farmers. Would be interested to share information, email as follows:

  61. Hi Emma, Email me at for information on this family. Dorothy

  62. Hello Emma, I am researching the Williamson family from Agadowey who are linked with the Caskey/Dunlop/Bellis/Bellas/Hunter/Boyd/King families. I am looking at purchasing one of your books but am unsure which would be helpful. I notice that Gail Mack contacted you about the Elder family – I think her maternal Grandmother maybe related to Hugh Bellas who died in 1886 – she was mentioned in his will. I am happy to share my research.

  63. Hi Dorothy,
    I would like to trace my g.g.g.grandfather John Neill b.1815 and his father Joseph Neill b. 1790. Mention has been made of Tops Dunaverney (??) of John and his marriage to Margaret in 1845 at Roseyards Pres Church.
    Do you researches cover them?
    Many thanks
    Roger Neill

  64. I have information on Neill families of Dunaverney. Email me at

  65. Looking for James or John Gray in Ballymoney. Children born in 1780 and they moved to US in 1800. They were Presbyterian. Children were, Thomas, Margaret, Eleanor.

  66. Hello Dorothy,
    I have an old and barely legible family document which seems to indicate that Nicholas Humes, was born abt 1685 in Ballymoney, County Antrim. His father might have been Robert, but I have no proof of either fact. Nicholas married (1st time 1713) in Uxbridge, Massachusetts. He would have been around 28 at that first marriage. Since that is rather late, I suspect he came to the U.S. as an adult. Only a guess. He died in Uxbridge in 1762. He is my 6th great grandfather.
    I know it is difficult doing research before 1700 but I would like to know more about the Humes in Ballymoney and Antrim. Are there any church records that date back that far? I note Humes are found in Kilraughts Old Church Graveyard Book and Derrykeighan Old Church Graveyard Book. They were likely Presbyterians. Are there any Wills which are that old? Thanks in advance.

  67. I have some information on Hume/Humes families in N. Antrim but the earliest is a Thomas Humes b. ca 1756.
    I have nothing earlier. Dorothy

  68. Re the Gray family – I couldn’t find any Gray families living in Ballymoney but numerous families living in the surrounding areas. Do you have any more information on the family to narrow it down? Dorothy

  69. Thank you for being such a wonderful resource!

    I am looking for information re: William Dinsmore who married Sarah McQuag (Sp? b. Rathland Island in 1806). The records I have show 2 different marriage dates: either 26 MAY 1833 or 1 AUG 1835. Married by Rev. Moncrieff (Sp?) in Ballymoney.

    I believe William’s father was Ephraim Dinsmore,

    William and Sarah had 3 children born in Ballymoney before they came to America in the mid 1840’s:
    John, Jane M. and William

    Any information regarding this family or resources for additional research would be fantastic! Thank you, again!

    Amy Lockhart

  70. Found some additional information which may be useful in knowing whether or not the the Dinsmore/McCuaig families are included in any of your research.

    A woman by the name of Mary Dillon testified as a part of a US Civil War pension claim, that she lived with Sarah and William Dinsmore as their servant in Roseyards for 7 or 8 years before she came to America with them.

    Hope that is helpful – and many thanks!

    Amy Lockhart,
    Sanford, FL, USA

  71. I have replied to you via your email. Dorothy

  72. Hello.

    My research shows that my Jones ancestors immigrated from Ballymoney.,+Maine,+USA&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjetpbtxbXNAhVUJFIKHWYEBnQQ6AEIJTAA#v=onepage&q=Richard%20Jones%2BBristol%2C%20Maine%2C%20USA&f=false

    My question is – is there another or was there another Ballymoney in Northern Ireland? I have seen it as Donegal also.

    I read the Jones family may have immigrated with other families. (see link)

    I am planning a trip to Ireland next year and would love to see areas where my ancestors may have lived.

    Thank you for your help and your time.
    Denise Cabak

  73. Hello Dorothy
    My wife and I are arriving close to the end of May in Belfast from Canada
    My heritage comes to Canada from N/Ireland in the late 1700’s and early 1800’s, last name is Williamson, earliest know is John Williamson from Bleary County Down
    I have been scouring the web trying to find the old Presbyterian grave sites in this area with no such luck. I am hoping you can possibly shed some light on this for me

    Thank you

    Bruce Williamson

  74. I don’t have much information on graveyards in County Down. Hower R.S.J. Clarke wrote a series of books on them which can be found at PRONI. This is the first place you should visit for your research.
    Good luck, Dorothy

  75. Planning a quick drive through Ballymoney in April – family seems to have come from there early 1800’s. Andrew Smyth married Ellen Beare and emigrated to Canada. Any info on the family who stayed in the area? Thank you so much!

  76. I have a lot of information on this Beare family. Email me at

  77. I have a lot of information on this Beare family. Email me at

  78. Hello, Dorothy.
    I posted earlier about my Jones family near Ballymoney. I have conflicting information about County Antrim or County Donagal. I was wondering if you know if there is a Ballymoney in County Donagal. I am going to Ireland later this year and would love to visit the right place.

    Thank you.
    Denise Cabak

  79. Dear Dorothy, I’m researching John Douthitt, Jr., James Douthitt, Thomas Douthitt, and John “Douthilt” of Ballymoney Parish who signed a sort of petition against violence that was printed in Belfast News-Letter of 7 April 1772. There were no Douthitt/Douthat/Dowthert names in the index of your Ballmoney graves book. Any suggestions? Thanks.
    Elizabeth Douthitt Byrne

  80. My ancestors are mccruddens from Ballymoney , Limavady and Coleraine.They were all musicians. My GGG grandparents died in Ballymoney – hugh McCrudden (who was a piper musician) d.1899 and bridget McCrudden d.1898 , I was wondering if there is any grave for them?

  81. Hi Dorothy, My name is John McCafferty. My G/G/grandfather, Denis McCafferty married Ann Kelly in a RC church in Ballymoney in 1839.Denis,s father,s name was James; and his mother,s name was Jean McAllister.Ann,s parent,s names were: Patrick Kelly and Margaret Murphy. This is as far as i have reached until now.Could you be agreeable to research my family for me?

  82. Sorry. I have had a prelimary search and can’t find anything. RC records are very particularly poor in N. Antrim.

  83. Thank Dorothy for all your help and attention. Where should i look now; I have the birth certificate of a son of my G/G/grandfather, William; born in Glasgow in 1855 (showing him to have been married in 1839 in Ballymoney.) ? Thank,s again for all your earlier help.


  84. Is there any info on McIntyre family? I have Andrew McIntyre married Ann McLeish or McLeich around 1790. Also their son William Mcintyre married Martha Stevenson (who was born in 1848, Ballymena) in Ballymoney
    William and Martha migrated to east calder, Scotland around 1866/67 with a brother and both their families

  85. I found a possible son James who was born in 1832 in Pharos, Loughguile.
    William and Martha were married in 1849 in Ballymoney.

  86. Do you have any information on the families who immigrated to South Carolina USA with Rev William Martin in 1772? My ancestor was Archibald Todd.

  87. Apparently my 2x ggrandfsther came from Belfast, Antrim, is this the area you search? His name was ZJohn Mackborn Nov 2, 1836, father Michael Mack mother Hane????, he had5 siblings, Ellen 1840, twins Hebert and James 1842, Charles 1844, all born in Ireland. The family immigrated to Canada in 1844. Anything you have on them? Thank you

  88. I am wondering if there are Mack’s in Balleymoney and surrounding area. My 3x’s great grandfather apparently brought his wife (Jane) and children to Canada around 1844.

  89. Do you know of any Culbert (Alexander & Catherine) b. 1755 lived Ballymoney Ireland, Protestant. Alexander died about 1794. They had 9 children. Maureen Culbert

  90. My ancestor, Matthew Bigger, was born in Scotland, 28 Apr 1695 and died in County Antrim, Ireland, about 1773. He was supposedly buried at Ballymoney Presbyterian Churchyard. His son, Samuel Bigger immigrated to the U.S. (date unknown). Did you find his name in your research?

  91. I have checked all my records and can no information to help you. The name around Ballymoney was Biggart. Unfortunately there are very few records in the N. Antrim area which exist for that period and no visible graves for your ancestor.

  92. To Maureen Culbert – I have information on 3 Culbert children of Alexander and Catherine. Contact me if you want further information.

  93. Dorothy. I will be touring the perimeter of Ireland with a tour group from September 8th to the 21st. First time in Ireland! Would be interested in communicating with you ahead of that via email. Can you share your email with me ? [mine is below].


  95. Have emailed you to the above address. I live in Scotland but it might be possible for a local Ballymoney friend to meet you. Dorothy

  96. Hi Dorothy, My G/G/grandfather Denis McCafferty married Ann Kelly in a R.C. church in Ballymoney in 1839. Denis,s father,s name was James: and his mother,s own name was Jean McAllister. Ann,s father,s name was Patrick; and her mother,s own name was Margaret Murphy. I would be very grateful if you ; or anyone else,[ you recommend], could be able to research my family history.

  97. Hi Dorothy,looking for information on my great great grandparents Thomas and Mary (McAllister) died 1873-and 1874 buried in ballymoney Presbyterian graveyard ,if you had anything in your book on the neely’s from Tivaconway cheers Patricia

  98. Dorothy, looking for McGills. Not having a lot of success but thought you could help by seeing if any McGills are included in your research. I do know they came to America as Presbyterians for the land bounty in 1766. Any help would be appreciated.

  99. Dorothy my ggggrandfather was Henry McQuigg/McCouaig who moved to Rathlin Island c1800. He married Annie Horan and they had 9 children full details of whom I have. My interest is in chasing down Henry`s ancestors. There were many McQuiggs in Antrim in the 18 th century, partic around Bushmills, Islandcurragh etc I am happy to pay and ask if you have much on the McQuiggs on Rathlin and antrim in the 17 and 18 centuries
    Regards from South Australia.

  100. hello Dorothy, Sorry i have not been in touch since 2009. We mislaid the address book and this contact did not seem to work. Unfortunately Sharron died 7/10/2016. I have retired and started back into the family history.from 4th cousin Mike Brown

  101. Thanks for getting in touch again. I have sent you an email.

  102. Hi Dorothy, Hope all is well with you. Do you have any information on a Robert Carson born around 1811 died Feb 5, 1897 in County Antrìm (Armoy) and his wife Jane Bell born June 14, 1823 in Fairview, County Antrìm. They were married in August 1842.
    Thanks for your time.

  103. Yes I can help. I did quite a bit of research into the family for my Armoy Graveyard book. email me

  104. Hi Dorothy
    Thank you for getting back to me. The information that you have on Robert Carson and Jane Bell…is it all covered in your Armoy Graveyard book? Or is there other family information that you have?

  105. Hi Dorothy
    Thank you for getting back to me. The information that you have on Robert Carson and Jane Bell…is that all included in your Armoy Graveyard book or do you have more information on the family not included?
    Thanks for your time.

  106. Hi Dorothy,
    Can you advise if there is an accessible 1766 Religious Survey for Rathlin Island. It is referred to on a site headed McKinley/Sullivan and related families wherein the families on Rathlin are named, but I hav`nt been able to locate such a Survey online. If you can access such a doc I would like to engage you to advise as to the names etc of the families. I am particularly interested in the “6 McQuoig” families mentioned in the McKinley/Sullivan document who reappear as”8 McQuig” families in the 1803 Agricultural Census for Rathlin.
    My email address is


  107. Hi Dorothy,
    I am researching John Caskey. There are some GEDCOM trees that list him a being born in Ballymoney in 1742. However, I have never seen any proof of this. He married wife Ester in 1767 or 68 and child Robert Caskey was born between 1768 and 1771. He came to US in 1772 with wife and son and attended a Presbyterian church here. Looking for any records of birth, marriage, or baptism. My email is
    Thanks! Kathey

  108. Hello,
    I’m trying to retrace my family tree and have hit a dead end. It seems the first recorded McMichael in America has no link to anyone. John McMichael Born in 1698 Schenectady NY. had a son named Daniel in 1730. John died in 1732 during a idian raid on fort Stanwix.
    Please any help would be welcome. My email is
    Thank you Dewayne

  109. Hi, Dewayne. Are you sure its not just a “miscription” (sp) of “Carmichael”? (I have Carmichaels in Ballymoney.)

  110. Kathleen, I am interested in your McLean ancestors.  Do you have any research on them. Judy

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone

  111. Hi Judy. I have a large Tree on Ancestry “Wells Family Tree, & I have done DNA testing. (Including a “William W Love” at 28cM<1% shared DNA on Ancestry related to my McLean/ Hamill/ "docharvey" matches……)

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